Fashion Promotion 29.11.2017

In today’s class, we need to create a fashion illustration college inspire by example. But we need to photograph ourselves. At first, I was puzzled because we wanted to design our own photos. I printed a picture of myself and some pictures to piece together a new pattern. I cut the picture with scissors and cut it in half on both sides of my picture.I decorated it with wool and shiny notes and decorated it with a bow of black chiffon. But when I finished my paper. I couldn’t help laughing because I didn’t know what I was doing. It was funny not fashion. I see the examples of the teachers are painted with watercolor and have no pictures of themselves, so I feel confused. The other students did something strange that I couldn’t understand. But I did what I understood. I think the task is to reassemble a picture with as much material as possible. I finished the task quickly because I was not feeling well today. We’re going to start a new project tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll have a lot of inspiration and a good start.




C/CS Photograph 28.11.2017

Today,our teacher told us something about photograph. He gave us some pictures and told us the relationship about them and how to recognize a photo. I think that light is particularly important for a photograph, because using light can better highlight the outline of an object.Another situation is that you can use different colors of light to foil objects to make the picture look dreamy. Besides, I think accessories are important. Because accessories should not only set off objects but also won’t make a noise.Photos are important to me because I think it’s a way of recording my life. It can help me record my good memories and the scenery I have seen.Because in the age of the Internet, people often like to share their daily life online. They usually use photographs to show, not just words. To be honest, I’m not a photographer. I just like to use my camera to record what I want to record. If I’m using my photo technique, I’m afraid I only have some phone software that can be used to modify the photo to use a filter to change the color of the photo. I will show some photos which I took before.

Fashion Promotion 27.11.2017

imageIn today’class, we had a new topic about imperfection. We had a group discussion. We made a mind map about imperfection together. We used different language to translate this word. I think everything is imperfect. For example, a smart person who doesn’t have a beautiful face. A beautiful plant has a perfect colour but it is not complete. A pour pool which has some garbage. We new topic is about imperfect but I don’t  have more idea about it. I will research some artists to find inspiration to continue my task. I also book two open day next week to see the university.

Fashion 2.11.2017

In today’s class, our group finished the moon board. We took some picture about flowers and used these photos make a background. We selected a few sets of clothes and put them in the pictures and decorated them with cloth of various materials. We also drew shape of our photo’s object and printed them with different size to make a cloth. 327605829227998407

In the afternoon, we went to Fitzwillian Museum to find the inspiration for our final cloth design. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including sculptures, guns, furniture, porcelain and many paintings. We need to research the paintings. There have a lot of paintings such as sketching, water powder and oil painting. Our teacher told us that we could look for inspiration in the colors or decorations of paintings. But I have no idea about them just feel beautiful. I wandered around the museum and tried to find inspiration. Then I found that there was a picture of three dancers that attracted me, and the dancers were graceful and the color of the whole painting was pink which giving people a feeling of comfort and brightness. n the end, I decided on this one as my research. There are many paintings of flowers in this museum. Each oil painting is very realistic and beautiful. The most important thing is that they are harmonious in color. So, I like them very much.




Life Drawing 1.11.2017



Today’s lesson is an interesting experience because our teacher takes us to the museum.This is my first time to visit the museum. For me, this experience is exciting.But the distance from the studio to the museum was very far, and we walked for about half an hour, and I felt like I was around the whole Cambridge.When we enter the museum, the teacher asks us to sit down and close our eyes and open them again to feel the light. And then, our teacher taught us about bright and dark sides. When I walked into the museum, I looked around and there were sculptures.But many are incomplete walls.But they are all propped up to make them look as complete as possible. The forms of these statues are all varied, and each pose is different.

Finally, I choose a simple one to sketch it. I use white pencil and black pencil to show the light space and dark space. This is an interesting experiment because it makes the contrast between the shadow and the light more obvious. But I think I should strengthen the structure of the human body, because I always draw the wrong proportions of the body.




Fashion 1.11.2017

In today’s class, we worked in a group. Each group has three people. We need to research designer and made a mind map and mood board about it. But we only had one day to make it. We research Natasha Zinko. Her style in 2008 fashion week was the mix different materials like flowers, jeans,  leather and plaid. I think her clothes have different shape like oversize. My favorite shape is oversize. Because it can adjust body proportion. It elongates the legs and becomes thinner.

To be honest, I have a lot of expectations for this course.Because this is my dream from childhood.When I was a kid, I thought that fashion designers were a sacred profession, like a magician to make people beautiful.When I first took this class today, I was excited, but I found this course was not as easy as I thought.It has a lot to learn to do.And I don’t know much about fashion.I don’t know the fabrics, I don’t know the designers.However, I am especially interested in fashion and want to develop into a future career.

When I finished our life drawing class, I went back studio to make the mind map. I drew flowers and made a draft which should we write. I think we made a beautiful mind map. It was colorful and vivid to show designer’s idea and our mind. But the time was too short. I think we can do better.




C+CS performance art 31.10.2017

This class, we learned about the performance art. I think it is a interesting performing form in art history. Because performing form is a way which has a lot of things to show the actors’ ideas. Our teacher told us the performance art is the ideology which can collect different ideas.

I saw this two video. In the first video, it show a women sit on the stage. Other people use a scissor to shear her clothes. First, the person cut her knitwear, and then, cutting her waistcoat. In the second video, a old woman only wear bra and briefs. And then, a person use the scissor to cut the shoulder girdle.  To be honest, I was shocked that she had asked the audience to cut her clothes. But in the process, she was not afraid and expressionless. I thing Yoko One enjoy her perform and she want to show the process of cutting. In this process, I saw audiences have different behavior. Someone felt indecisive. Someone felt open-eyed. If I were the audience, maybe I was afraid to try it.

Compared to the first video, in the second video, she was more daring to try, so she only wore underwear and underwear. I think maybe she  want to stimulate audiences to take part in her performance. Compared to paintings and sculptures, such performances are more visually striking and more vivid.Because when performers perform on stage, the audience can also participate in it. So, both the performer and the audience, the art form is more specific.